Angelika Berndt | Rio's last fishermen | Photo 1

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016
The last fishermen of Rio de Janeiro is the story of the fishermen of Colonia 13. The headquarters of Colonia 13 are based at the far end of Copacabana beach.
Colonia Z-13 is about “pesca artesanal”, the traditional fishing practice that has been passed on through generations of fishermen for as long as there have been settlements along the coast of Rio de Janeiro.
The fishermen of Colonia Z-13, face many challenges. The first hurdle is the bureaucracy: the fishing permits for the Pescador Artesanal has to be renewed every year, and the work permit, the carteira de pescador, has to be renewed every 5 years.
Most fishermen get up before dawn and push their boats out into the sea before the sun is up. The life of a fishermen is one of hard work and challenge.
The fishermen from Copacabana work in little boats with a simple motor. They fish using nets which they leave out in the sea overnight. The next morning they drive out to pull in the nets and pick out the fish.