Angelika Berndt specialises in telling the stories of others. With a professional background in communication and counselling, Angelika has developed an approach that allows her to quickly grasp a deeper understanding of the cultural setting and environment she works in.
In her photo projects Angelika works intuitively, allowing herself to be impacted by the people and their environment. She looks at the world around her with curiosity and meets the local reality with the wish to learn more about the people, the relationships and the environment.

Angelika translates these impressions into pictures. For her photography is yet another language that she uses to overcome the abstraction of verbal communication with the goal to inspire interest and consideration for cultural differences without prejudice.

Her interest in understanding different cultures and diverse life-styles is a fundamental part of her own biography. After migrating to Brazil at a very young age, travelling became an integral part of her life. Later she moved to Belgium, Germany, the USA, the UK and Brazil. Today she is based in London.

Fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and German, Angelika is used to working in and adapting to different linguistic and cultural environments and her professional activities have lead her to work in many countries around the world.

Her photo projects are a meeting point of communication and understanding. Angelika’s images invite to contemplate and experience both, the culture portrayed in the photos and that of the viewer.

So far Angelika has successfully applied her work model to families, factories, farmers, communities, cities and charities. Want to be part of this human experience and have your story told? Please get in touch.