Angelika Berndt | About


With a professional background in communication and counselling, and a personal background of growing up in Brazil, my photography is about understanding, culture and relationships.

In my photo projects I work intuitively, allowing myself to be impacted by the culture and the environment I work with. I look at the world around me with curiosity and meet the local reality with the wish to learn more about the people, the relationships and the environment. I translate these impressions into pictures. For me photography is a kind of language that I use to overcome the abstraction of verbal communication and to convey my insights about the culture and environments I meet.

Strong influences to my work are my personal experience of having lived across different cultures all my life. After growing up in Brazil, I lived in Belgium, Germany, the USA and later again in Brazil. For some years now I am based in London. Fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and German, I am used to working in and adapting to different linguistic and cultural environments.

My professional activities have often lead me to travel through Latin America, the USA and Europe. In the past years I have worked repeatedly in Africa and China and gained a new insight into local cultures.

All images on this site, along with an extensive archive, are available for purchase and I am always interested to work on new projects around the world. Please contact me to discuss your project.