Selected for LFI Master shots

This month my photo from the Rural Living series has been selected as a Leica Master shot for their gallery's selection America | Caribbean.

The photo was taken as part of a research I conducted in Brazil in 2022. At the time I was working with the Iracambi reforestation project in Minas Gerais leading a study about the local culture surrounding the Iracambi project to better understand how the traditional local life-style had influenced the Iracambi reforestation project and vice versa.



Rural Living in Minas Gerais, Brazil. A project conducted by Angelika Berndt

Published in LFI Gallery

One of my photos from the Urban Realities series was selected for the Leica Master shot selection and published in the Leica Gallery Architecture | Cityscape.

The photo was taken in London in 2020 as part of my ongoing studies, in this case exploring how the ever faster changing skyline of London is transforming the city and its urban life-style.


Urban Realities published in Leica galleryScreenshot



Fuerteventura Behind the Scenes book review

The last edition of fLIP, the magazine of London Independent Photography, published a two page review of my book Fuerteventura Behind the Scenes by Tony Othen. Tony Othen is not only a professional photographer well known for his extensive work with charities in and around London, but also the owner of the The Greenwich Gallery.


Angelika Berndt photography featured in fLIP magazine.Angelika Berndt-book



Double spread book review about Angelika Berndt photography, Fuerteventura. Angelika Berndt-book-2


Tony says: " Even when Angelika moves out of town and chooses to help us ‘feel’ the island by treating us to landscapes I still feel the people and the culture beside me'.


Back at BEAT

Back in London in time for the Ealing Art Trail I am thrilled to invite you to my next exhibition.
Over the next two weekends I am taking part in a group show with London Independent Photography at the Rickyard.

Contemplating walking aimlessly I took up the challenge to look at my photography from a different angle and found some interesting insights...

Venue: The Rickyard, Walpole Park, London W5 5BS

Dates: Weekends 10–11 Sept and 17–18 Sept 2022

Opens: 12noon – 6pm


Look forward to seeing you there!



Angelika Berndt exhibiting at the Rickyard in Ealing, London W5Angelika Berndt-BEAT22

Published in Diario de Fuerteventura

And this is what the local press say about my exhibition at Casa Naturalez in the heart of Fueteventura.


Diario de Fuerteventura about Angelika Berndt photographyDDF68-Agostode2022 33

Diario de Fuerteventura, August 2022.

Living Spaces – Exhibiting on Fuerteventura

The concept Living Spaces was especially designed for this exhibition on Fuerteventura, bringing together three major projects to introduce the concept of different living spaces that exist thousands of miles apart and in a seemingly parallel universe.

Wandering from Fuerteventura to London and then to China, there is this strange sensation that the changing world we witness in one place, is, in some way, influencing the life-space of the other. 

Combining colour and black & white to show different concepts of understanding and communicating, this exhibition introduces the concept of past and present and changing cultures. 

All three projects Fuerteventura Behind the Scenes, China Today and London Today all have been designed with a similar concept in mind, to look at transformation and persisted traditions in a competitive world.

Fuerteventura Behind the Scenes was developed when Angelika found herself grounded on Fuerteventura during the major European lockdown beginning of 2021. For over two months Angelika roamed the island, uncovering a past and present of dreams and survival.

It is this project and the book launch of the book with the same title Fuerteventura Behind the Scenes that has now brought Angelika and her work back to Fuerteventura.

Living Spaces can be seen at Casa Naturaleza, Vega de Rio Palma, Fuerteventura until the end of August 2022.

Opening times Tue – Sun 11am to 5pm.



Living Spaces, exhibition on Fuerteventura August 2022Living Spaces exhib-1




Living Spaces, the concept of three major projects  meeingg in one spaceLiving Spaces exhib-2




Living Spaces, Angelika Berndt exhibition three majour bodies of work on FuerteventuraLiving Spaces exhib-3





New Book: Fuerteventura Behind the Scenes

The new book is out now!

Fuerteventura Behind the Scenes tells the story about a Fuerteventura that has seemingly been forgotten, a Fuerteventura, which has existed for many centuries and has long since adapted to the ever-changing climate and influx of different cultures.

With 75 well-presented photographs Fuerteventura Behind the Scenes takes the reader on a discovery journey into an arid landscape where human existence and agriculture have reinvented themselves through the centuries and survived despite the many draughts and scarceness of water. The reader is invited to meet a very different reality and is introduced to the testimonies of broken dreams and past times represented by unused buildings and deserted hotels. It is a narrative that is skilfully woven together with a minimum of words. It produces a visual essay that is memorable.

The book Fuerteventura Behind the Scenes is available as paperback in the usual format

To order your book, please get in touch.



Photo book: Fuerteventura Behind the ScenesPhoto book


In Germany Fuerteventura Behind the Scenes can be purchased at Galerie Kleebolte

and on Fuerteventura the book is sold at Casa de la Naturaleza.

Project work in The Gambia

Back from Brazil, I spend the month of April in The Gambia conducting a photo-study for Project Aid The Gambia in Manjay, Buniadu and Jahaly.  Project Aid The Gambia are a well established charity and provide much needed medical assistance and early education in remote areas. My visit coincided with both Easter and Ramadan, which gave me an interesting and diverse insight into how religion defines the local culture and life-style. Living with the staff and within the local communities I joined them in their daily routines to learn about their joys and sorrows and how Ramadan affected the daily routines, work and communal life. The result is an extensive photo-document giving insight into the project work, the local reality and daily routines of the people.      


Working with Project Aid The Gambia Angelika_Berndt-Gambia-1



Working with Project Aid The GambiaAngelika_Berndt-Gambia-2



Working with Project Aid The Gambia Angelika_Berndt-Gambia-3

Back at Iracambi

During my annual visit to Brazil I was invited back to Iracambi to follow up on my photo research from 2015. Iracambi is a Mata Atlantica reforestation project located in Minas Gerais in an area that is mostly defined by traditional agricultural practices. This year my project was about meeting the locals living around Iracambi and who are engaged in the wider reforestation and renaturalisation effort. The result was an interesting investigation into the history of Rosario de Limeira and the new neo-ruralistas, intellectual people who move from the cities to the rural areas to live their ecological ideals.



Photo study Iracambi 2022Iracambi2022-1



Photo study Iracambi 2022Iracambi2022-2



Photo study Iracambi 2022Iracambi2022-3



Photo study Iracambi 2022Iracambi2022-4

London Today

It’s been in the making for several years, London Today was designed to follow on from China Today. The project followed a challenge that was presented to me at a presentation of China Today in London; I was asked whether I could produce a similar project in London. So for years I have been roaming the streets of London. Meeting those still working in traditional professions or executing traditional ceremonies, looking at new development or simply every-day life, I was always concerned to find out more about life and traditons in London. This project is by far not over and the collection continues growing with every kind cooperation of yet another amazing person to take part. But London Today has also matured enough to be finally presented to the public.
Please find here a selection of London Today, Between tradition and growth: a city in transition.


London Today. Between Tradition and Growth: A city in transition.

Wine harvest in England

Beginning of October I was invited to work for a private client in Herefordshire to document their first wine harvest. Staying with the family in their mansion and joining the staff on their whereabouts, I gained a good insight into the local traditions, the wine culture and the history in the region. This was my first insight into agricultural production in England and it allowed a very interesting comparison to other occasions when I was invited to cover harvest productions on farms in Latin America.


Wine harvest Herefordshire.Angelika Berndt-WH-1



WIne harvest in HerefordshireAngelika Berndt-WH-2



Wine harvest in HerefordshireAngelika Berndt-WH-3


Unlocked - London's tallest outdoor exhibition

Taking part in London's tallest outdoor exhibition.

Unlocked is an innovative outdoor photo exhibition that was installed on September 11, 2021 across the whole front of the Ealing police station building. Unlocked is a cooperative project of the Ealing LIP group in response to the unreal and surreal experience of a year of different lockdown experiences.
Beginning of 2021 I found myself locked out of Britain during the most severe lockdown Europe and Great Britain experienced. Air traffick came to a near standstill and British Airways was grounded, and I found myself "locked out" on Fuerteventura and did not know then that I was to remain on the island for another two months before finally finding a way to get home to London. The picture exhibited at the front of the police station is from that experience.


Unlocked – London's tallest outdoor exhibitionAngelika Berndt-FG21


Generously sponsored by Gogar Services, Fujifilm and Clarion Futures along with crowdfunding and art lovers. We like to thank the Ealing Police to grant us the permission to use their building.


Unlocked Angelika Berndt-FG21-3


Address: Ealing Broadway Police, 67-69 Uxbridge Road, W5 5SJ, London




Featured in Kulturkalendar

The German Ethiopian Society have just relaunched their very popular annual Kulturkalendar with a brand new design and I am delighted that they have decided to feature me as their lead artist for 2022.

Over the years I have worked repeatedly with the DÄV (the German Ethiopian Society) and I feel honoured that they have decided to promote my work again.

On sale now, the calendar is very popular and is shipped to over 21 countries worldwide in its Englisch or German version. For all interested to obtain the calendar, please contact the DÄV directly at [email protected]
Please note that all orders need to be placed until the end of August 2021.


DAES Calendar 2022  - German Ethiopian SocietyDAeS Calendar 2022 001 Titel


DAES Calendar 2022 - German Ethiopian Society featuring Angelika BerndtDAeS Calendar 2022 014 December


Presenting at Afrika-Tage Düsseldorf

It is a great honour for me to be invited to present my work at the Afrika-Tage Düsseldorf.

On Saturday 31 July and Sunday 1 Aug 2021 I will give a presentation on

Eine fotografische Reise durch die Kulturen – Alltagskultur, kulturelle Toleranz und Völkerverständnis

For further details about time and place please refer to the Afrika-Tage Düsseldorf programm page


Taking part at the Afrika-Tage Dusseldorf @Enije@Enije

Menschen & Kulturen

Ihr Bildband Menschen & Kulturen bietet einen Gesamteinblick in die Vielfalt von Angelikas Arbeit.
Das Buch stellt eine einmalige Sammlung ihrer bekanntesten Werke dar und ist als handsigniertes Exemplar bei der Galerie Ludwig Kleebolte erhältlich. Bitte für alle Anfragen, die Galerie Ludwig Kleebolte kontaktieren.


IMG_3553Menschen & KulturenEin Einblick in fremde Kulturen und Lebensarten.


Für Anfragen oder Besuche, bitte die Galerie direkt kontaktieren:
Telefonnummer : 0170 21 76 397
Showroom: Wigstraße 3, 45239 Essen,
Termine nach Vereinbarung!


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