Exhibition Diversity – Personal structures – Call me how I want

The RKB (Ruhrländischer Künstlerbund) have invited me to take part as guest artist in their next exhibition DIVERSITY – PERSONAL STRUCTURES – CALL ME HOW I WANT.

In line with the RKB's principles and based on my idea that my photos are like words, which I can combine in different ways and write into sentences in order to transform an idea or observation into an illustrated statement, I have designed an installation to express the contemporary topic of diversity and cultural tolerance.

My installation PARALLEL REALITIES is a sequence of three photos that illustrate the question about diversity, origin and culture. Hereby my aim is to challenge the viewer to consciously experience their own values and preconceptions and to question their validity. Hereby my work is based on the Gestalt principle that everyone experiences their own truth and therefore multiple truths can exist in the same space at the same time.

Vernissage: Sunday 02 June 2024 from 15.00

Dates: 03 - 30 June 2024
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 12noon - 18.00; Sat, Sun: 14.00 – 17.00

Address: Kopstadtplatz 12, 45127 Essen, Germany


Diversity – Ruhrländisches Künstlerbündnis - Expo2024


Diversity - Personal structures - Call me how I want

Solo exhibition at the Pfalzmuseum in Forchheim, Germany

From 24th of June 2024 a selection of my work in Africa will be showing at the Pfalzmuseum in Forchheim, Germany.

The exhibition PEOPLE & CULTURES, Encounters in Africa, is about meeting the people, their relationships, way of living and working, and their relationship to the environment. Combining individual projects, the diversity of the work starts to come together to form a kind of cultural kaleidoscope. And, as the work progresses, contemporary themes such the conflict between tradition and modernity start to find their way into the discussions about the representation and represented.

Specially designed for the Pfalzmuseum, the solo exhibition PEOPLE & CULTURES - Encounters in Africa, spreads over two rooms showing a wide selection of this diverse work.

Since 2015 I have regularly visited different countries in the region, living in remote areas amongst locals to better understand their way of living, traditions and relationships. With the goal to learn about and understand the respective cultural influences and its impact on the people's way of life, this work is about telling their stories with my photos.



Exhibiting in Germany at Galerie Ludwig Kleebolte

Galerie Ludwig Kleebolte is celebrating 30+ years and I am very pleased to inform you that I have been invited to take part in this amazing show of great contemporary art.


Dates: March 13 – 21, 2024

Venue: Galerie Ludwig Kleebolte, Wigstrasse 3, Essen-Werden, Germany


Angelika Berndt photography exhibiting at Galerie Ludwig Kleebolte


For opening times please contact Galerie Ludwig Kleebolte directly.



Carnival in Rio 2024

Carnival, Rio de  Janeiro 2024. The parade of the Champions was one invitation I could not miss and what an amazing experience it was to experience the glorious parades of the six best Samba Schools unfold along the Sapucaí during the warm summer night. This year's winner was the last to perform and Unidos de Viladouro came into the Sapucaí in the early morning hours when the sun was already rising over Rio de Janeiro announcing Sunday morning.

A fine selection of the night's highlights have been published on Instagram. Please follow me @angelikaberndtphoto


Carnival in Rio de Janeiro 2014

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2024

Ambassadors of Joy

Coming back to Rio de Janeiro the week after carnival I arrived just in time to be introduced to the Embaixadores da Alegria - the Ambassadors of Joy - who campaign for the inclusion of disabled people in the world's biggest carnival. To gain more visibility they were invited to open the Desfile das Campeãs, the Champion's Parade of the six best samba schools. The parade took place the Saturday after Carnival. And what a joy it was to meet these amazing people, and to be invited to follow them on their parade through the Sapucaí.


Embaixadores da Alegria na Sapucai

Sapucaí, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2024

Back in Pará

The beginning of the year started with a return to the Amazon region to follow on from past projects. After eight years I was back in the region I had travelled so extensively between 2000 and 2007 when working with Anti-Slavery International on a different mission. Now I was back to continue to work in line with my ongoing research about the socio-psychological impact of culture. My goal was to work on a new study aobut life-style of the settlers who have come to the region to have access to land and to live off family farming, to visit some of the cities in the area and to observe other emerging trends. Given that I have worked in the Pará over many years, it was interesting for me to observe how the region had developed, what had changed and what remained the same. Working again with the Pastoral Land Commission, we visted several settlements and cities in the South of Pará and I could gained a good understanding of trends and changes.



Visiting settlers in the South of Pará.

Pará, Brazil, 2024









Represented in the LFI.Gallery

Following on with my commitment to present my work to a wider audience, my images continue to be shown amongst the Leica Master shots selections and in the LFI.Gallery. This time one of my images from World Bodypainting Festival was selected. Now my work is represented in yet another category as proof to my ongoing commitment to photography and quality.


Angelika Berndt's photo World Bodypainting Festival was selected as a Leica Master photographyScreenshot




Exhibiting in Rome

Following an invitiation by Loosenart, a selection of my work from my project London Today was shown in the international exhibition MONOCHROMES in Rome, Italy, end of September 2023.




From the series London Today

Opening Thursday 28 Sep / 6:00 pm
Millepiani, Via N. Odero 13, Rome
Exhibition visitable from monday to friday
9:00 am - 7:00 pm

World Body Painting Festival

Continuing to explore different aspects of urban settings, this time I immersed myself in a very different cultural aspect. Travelling all the way to Klagenfurt in Austria I took part in the World Body Painting Festival to meet and learn about the world of body painting.

Body painting is a human practice I have encountered many times before amongst indigenous cultures and in carnival settings around the world. But then, this was a very special experience, which has allowed me to learn about yet another side of culture, art and people.


At the world bodypainting festival



At the world bodypainting festival



At the world bodypainting festival 2023


Living in London - in temporary accommodation

Living in London
In temporary accommodation

Living in London in termporary accommodation was a personal experiment conducted in 2022.

Over several months Angelika Berndt lived in different types of temporary accommodation in different parts of London. Accommodation types ranged from a room in a flat share, to a hostel, a fully furnished attic apartment and a sublet in a family home.

The experiment became as much a trial to find out how it feels to live in these different types of accommodation as it gave insights into the neighbourhoods themselves, their people, the supply chain and transport facilities.

Having lived in Ealing for many years, Angelika soon was to learn what social support, good access to supplies and transport was all about.

The project was recently presented at an Ealing LIP meeting and is available in digital book form. Please get in touch for further information.



Living in London in termporaty accommodation



Arriving in London



Dinner time



Selected as LFI Master shot by Leica

It is an honour to have one more of my photos selected by Leica as a Master Shot. This time the harmonious scene of women and girls gathered on their home terrace making hand-held brooms from local grass Gambia was selected for the Leica Master Shot series.
The scene is set in The Gambia and the photo was made while developing a research for Project Aid The Gambia in 2022 about the local cultures and life-styles.


Leica Master Shot category Africa / Middle East Screenshot






Summer Open Studio

Next public event in London showing my work

SUMMER OPEN STUDIO at Vanguard Court Studios

Sat 17 June 11am - 5pm
Sun 18 June 11am – 5pm

Vanguard  Court Studios
Unit 205, 2nd floor
36-38 Peckham Road
London SE5 8QT

Buses: 12 • 36 • 171 • 345 • 436
Nearest stop Vestry Road

Selected as LFI Master shot

This month my photo from the Rural Living series has been selected as a Leica Master shot for their gallery's selection America | Caribbean.

The photo was taken as part of a research I conducted in Brazil in 2022. At the time I was working with the Iracambi reforestation project in Minas Gerais leading a study about the local culture surrounding the Iracambi project to better understand how the traditional local life-style had influenced the Iracambi reforestation project and vice versa.



Rural Living in Minas Gerais, Brazil. A project conducted by Angelika Berndt

Published in LFI Gallery

One of my photos from the Urban Realities series was selected for the Leica Master shot selection and published in the Leica Gallery Architecture | Cityscape.

The photo was taken in London in 2020 as part of my ongoing studies, in this case exploring how the ever faster changing skyline of London is transforming the city and its urban life-style.



Urban Realities published in Leica galleryScreenshot



Fuerteventura Behind the Scenes book review

The last edition of fLIP, the magazine of London Independent Photography, published a two page review of my book Fuerteventura Behind the Scenes by Tony Othen. Tony Othen is not only a professional photographer well known for his extensive work with charities in and around London, but also the owner of the The Greenwich Gallery.


Angelika Berndt photography featured in fLIP magazine.Angelika Berndt-book



Double spread book review about Angelika Berndt photography, Fuerteventura. Angelika Berndt-book-2


Tony says: " Even when Angelika moves out of town and chooses to help us ‘feel’ the island by treating us to landscapes I still feel the people and the culture beside me'.


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