Angelika Berndt | Derache living | Photo 1

Based in the South-West of Ethiopia, the Derache people live in a clan system consisting of nine clans. Before democracy the Derache clans were governed by their king. Today the head of clan continue to live among their people and still resolve disputes or give advice, but they have lost much of their former power.
In the urban centres the life-style is increasingly influenced by the arrival of new ideas and television, and traditional hairstyle and clothing are replaced by urban fashions and consumer goods.
Traditionally the Derache’s life-style was dependent on and adapted to the local environment, e.g. using clay for pottery or cotton for weaving.
Even today some villages continue to live off their traditional skills, selling their goods at Gidole market to earn some cash. And so, to this day, all meet in Gidole on the market days to sell and buy and exchange news.